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Request Legal Support

How Can We Support?

Please fill out the information below to request legal observers for your action. Please only fill this out if you are an organizer of the action. Once we approve your request, we will send a note to our legal observer team to request sign-ups. Please note that all of our observers are volunteers, so we may or may not be able to fulfill your request. We will then contact you to confirm whether or not we will have legal observers at your event. ALL OF THE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE WILL REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL.
Things to note about our observer program:

The role of the legal observers is to observe and document police activity at your action. The observers do not participate in the action or liaise with the police.

Support Needed
It is important for organizers to consider if people attending the protest will be from any of these vulnerable groups who may be targeted by law enforcement in the streets or jail:

Thanks for submitting!

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