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National Lawyers Guild,
Civil Rights Project

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May 2023

Lawyer & Legal Worker Training

Date and Time (TBA)

Attention Lawyers & Legal Workers Who Want to Use Their Skills to Fight Injustice! The City and County of Sacramento are engaged in a costly and ineffective war against its unhoused residents 

Unlawful displacement of people, destruction & taking of property, arrests & tickets do nothing to alleviate homelessness. Instead, they make it more difficult for folks to obtain any sort of stability. Cops know there are steep barriers preventing unhoused community members from making it to court. Failing to appear on tickets that lack merit to begin with prevent folks from accessing government services. We are fighting new tickets. We are clearing out old tickets. Connecting Impacted Community Members & Organizers to Legal Support. Get experience! Get pro bono hours! To learn more contact us at

September 2022

Community Brainstorming Session

Join us for a Community Introduction to the Civil Rights Project! Together we will curate space to share experiences and expertise with the mission of building direct legal support and options for unhoused and vehicularly housed community members.

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