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Arrested at a protest or need legal assistance? Call (916) 500 - 4NLG (654)

  • Legal Observers: To monitor law enforcement.

  • On-call Attorney: On call the day of and immediately after your protest in case arrestees have problems within the jail.

  • Hotline: People who are arrested can call from jail to request legal support. Advisable if you are planning a large protest with many potential arrestees.


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The newly established BIPOC Caucus acknowledges white supremacy, elitism, and oppressive systems lie within the law field and exist to create a safe space for those who are most impacted by these things, while also creating space to find ways to advocate and educate the organization and members of experiences, needs, and wants within the BIPOC communities.

Sacramento NLG Chapter BIPOC Caucus

Join the Guild!

The newly established Community Committee is a group made up of NLG members and community members forming direct lines of communication regarding Community feedback and advocacy for needs and wants within the communities we serve.

Sacramento NLG Chapter

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